The influence Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) have on a person’s overall health and well-being is complicated, and because of this complexity, different definitions are used to describe SDOH. In general, most organizations recognize either 4 or 5 domains focused on a person’s physical health and well-being.

The World Health Organization (WHO) says a person’s social determinants of health are defined by the distribution of money, power, and resources at global, national, and local levels, and are primarily responsible for health inequities. According to the WHO, many studies suggest 30-55% of health outcomes are influenced by SDOH. Improving health and reducing health inequities relies on adequately addressing SDOH.

SDOH can impact health outcomes and quality of life.  The CDC recognizes 5 domains that influence a person’s health and overall well-being through Healthy People 2030.


Community Quotes

“The Community Analytics Portal puts relevant, useful data in an easily accessible format that assists in better understanding our community and the issues facing our citizens. It provides a wide breadth of data that makes grant writing easier and changes what we think we know to what we can actually prove through data. This portal is a game changer.”
Vicky Kistler
Director of Community and Economic Development
City of Allentown
“The Pool Center for Health Analytics is an important partner to the Leonard Parker Pool Institute for Health. Timely and neighborhood-specific analysis of cross-cutting factors is critical to our success. It enables us to identify, measure and track key factors that drive health and in turn work collaboratively with others to improve measurably the healthy status of the Lehigh Valley.”
Edward F. Meehan
Executive Director
Leonard Parker Pool Institute for Health