Data show that racial and ethnic minority groups throughout the United States experience higher rates of illness and death across a wide range of health conditions, including diabetes, hypertension, obesity, asthma and heart disease, when compared to their white counterparts. Additionally, the life expectancy of non-Hispanic/black Americans is four years lower than that of white Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic and its disproportionate impact among racial and ethnic minority populations is another stark example of these enduring health disparities.
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Long COVID Symptoms Currently Average 15 Months

Nine months after the first clinical visit, the researchers in this study found that heart rate, blood pressure variation, and gastrointestinal symptoms increased, while loss of taste and smell decreased in the patients who had mild COVID-19.  

Nine months after initial clinic visit, the researchers reported the following frequency of symptoms in patients:
  • Brain Fog                          71%
  • Numbness & Tingling     65%
  • Headache                         54%
  • Dizziness                           54%
  • Blurred Vision                  44%
  • Fatigue                              81%

COVID-19 Vaccine Equity

A government program is identifying and reducing barriers to vaccine access.
Data Visualization
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Long COVID will exacerbate existing racial and ethnic health inequities.
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Global COVID-19 Dashboard

The Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center has valuable visualizations.
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Post-COVID Health Conditions

Organ damage may lead to health complications that linger after COVID-19 illness.
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COVID Wastewater Surveillance

Wastewater surveillance for COVID-19 is a rapidly developing field.
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COVID Variant Monitoring

All viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, change over time.
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CDC COVID Data Tracker

The CDC's tracker shows national cases, deaths, and hospitalizations.
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